Darkon hits Williamsburg

darkon.jpgAfew days ago, my friend Ming, The fake Thai (but that’s another blog entry) im’d me a url followed by “So bad it hurts”. The url led to a movie trailer of Darkon, a documentary about LARP. (Yep I too had to look up that acronym) It was playing at galapagos in Williamsburg, a mere 10 minutes walk from my house, so after some quick viral im’ing…we decided to go (despite the fact that there were no advance ticket sales)

The appeal of Darkon to the hipster population is a little confusing to me. Williamsburg hipsters were lined up all the way to the street to pay 8 dollars to see a bunch of Maryland-ers dress up in medieval armor, hit each other with foam covered sticks and speak (shout) in flowery language taken straight out of the fantasy books that they wouldn’t be caught holding. Perhaps it really was the fact that Darkon is a Williamsburg production and everyone in the room knew someone who worked on the film. Maybe some people (like myself and my friends) were curious to see why a bunch of grown people would run around hitting each other in random fields. Or perhaps maybe some people were simply attracted to the costumes and make-up that were definitely one level above the norm of williamsburg-hipster wear.

After the watching the movie, its easy to laugh at those people, think about the money they spend on their gear, wonder about how they go about learning ‘elvish’…. But I also find myself identifying in the reasoning behind LARPs. The world IS boring and mundane. And there seems to be very little chance of ever being that ‘hero’ you used to dream about. The attraction of running on to a field and hitting people with sticks is very understandable. It sure as hell is probably more satisfying than sitting at your computer playing a MMORPG (yea, look that one up too!) ANd think…it’d just be like Halloween where you can act out all your fantasies (in public)….except its more than once a year!!


3 responses to “Darkon hits Williamsburg

  1. amin ve’ ta (that’s elvish for “I like it.”)

  2. I read an article in a Korean newspaper few weeks ago (well, in Korean)about some young gamers who broke up with real bf or gf because of virtual gf or bf in rollplaying games they play – apparently who they never me in real life. This sounds like one of Billburg scene.

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