Playing Dress-up

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Halloween is now over…and everyone can go back to donning their everyday costumes. I always think that like advertising, Halloween is a good reflection of current trends. (esp. Halloween in NYC)

Every year, a bunch of my friends and I end up at Adi Sideman‘s annual Halloween Party. I have an annual picnic, he has an annual halloween party. Adi is Isreali and generally his parties are a great place to mingle with A LOT of them.

So what are my conculsions based on the costumes this year? Religion is making a come back. More specifically, Christianity is making a comeback amongst the Jews. How can I clain this you say? At the party, there was a modern day Jesus, a biblical Jesus (with a huge wooden cross, and lots of chest hair) accompanied by a nun, a priest, and a pope. All of whom….were Isrealis. Can it be that they are living out their fantasies in some strange way for a night? For that one night, the ‘chosen people’ chose to be someone else!

I have to say that there were also numerous lady cops and male prisioners. That is not so hard to figure out (I guess…. ) Its just not so often we wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Other costumes of note…

  • Pregnant Britney, K-Fed and their body guard (see pic at bottom right)
  • Kim Jong-Il (Last year no-one knew who he was, so he decided to try it again this year…bryanesque)
  • Borat also made an appearance
  • The middle picture is a European’s version of an American Tourist!

There were also lot’s of other ‘interesting’ costumes…but I wanted to keep this PG-13.

The losers this year? Pirates! Comon people…have some creativity. That’s so MSM (if you don’t know what this satnds for, you were probably a pirate… and this time I am not giving you a link)

Originally uploaded by bryanesque.


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  2. 나는 여기 나오는것 다 안 좋은데

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