Am I White and Nerdy?

Wierd Al has done it again…but somehow, this song strikes particularly too close to home. The simple fact that I can identify with much of his lyrics is a little worrying. I wonder if perhaps I am a little higher on the white and nerdy scale or if everyone identfies with the song as much as I do.

So let’s take a closer look at the lyrics….

They see me mowing my front lawn.. (hmmm, I don’t have a front or back lawn. Not in Brooklyn atleast) … MIT (does a master’s in Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU fall into the same category of nerd schools? But I was definitely not first in my class) D&D (nope, never played that but perhaps that was before my time?) MC ESCHER is my favorite MC ( I had to ask about that one…but my husband admitted to liking him) Earl Grey Tea? (check) Rims (well if I had a car they would be stationary…so check)

My library? Steven Hawkings? I have many other authors of the same type. I actually have 2 shelves dedicated to Fantasy and another 3 shelves for Science Fiction (ordered by author)

MySpace? Well I have a wiki, a blog and a ‘homepage’ I guess I can check those off.

Playing Minesweeper for days. I don’t have a high tolerence for playing computer games for many hours at a time. But I do go for those marathons every once in a while (check) PASCAL? (way before my time…does BASIC count?) Calculas? (check) Soldering gun (I did have one…but my physical computing days are over) Happy Days? (I do like that show and know all the lyrics to the song) I CAN kick your butt in a game of Ping Pong!!

Javascript? (I can do a pretty job of cutting and pasting….actually I’ll check this option of for my husband) Klingon? (Not quite but I do want to go to a convention one day)

Segway? I remeber when I really really wanted one…

Collecting comics? ( check that one for my husband and I can name afew friends off the top of my head who do… I have a friend who has a Transformer tattoo)

Pens and protectors (that is where i draw the line!) Edit wikipedia? (not yet) Holy Grail? (not me…altho it seems that i should check this off too) I do HTML for them all? (check)

Fanny pack? (I really wanted one for jogging at the park but I didn’t know where to buy one…perhaps I should have gone to the Gap) Gap? ( not me)

Clubs in highschool and college? Cheerleading, basketball, student council, volleyball, fencing….)

Kirk or Picard? Definitely Picard although Janeway kicks ass!

My summary? I am awful close to being white and nerdy…my profession doesn’t help…but living in NYC defitely adds to the ‘hip’ factor. On the other hand…I think my husband (who really IS white and is a PROGRAMMER) is for sure white and nerdy!


2 responses to “Am I White and Nerdy?

  1. Hmmm…. it’s official, you beat me in being white and nerdy. My checklist is close to being a nerd but, my chic style will make me into a cool geek. heh heh. I think New Yorkers can be considered to be a geek, not a nerd.

    My checklists are:

    -MIT equavalent degree in ITP, check
    -My Library of Fantasy and Sci-fi books, check (although I don’t keep them in the shelf after reading.)
    – No My Space(due to its ugliness)but Friendster, blog, flickr counts? Check
    – Calculus, check
    – soldering gun, check (I have a Weller brand one)
    – Javascript, check
    – Klingon, nope but, I would love to
    – Segway, don’t have it but, love to
    – Collection of Graphic Novel equavelant to comics? check
    – I do HTML for them, check
    – Kirk or Picard? definitely Picard

  2. Get your friend to upload their tranformer tattoo to – the name says it all.

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