Time for a new computer?

mac_pc.jpgI hate buying a new computer. I know that this activity brings great joy to many of my friends, but for me all it brings is a lot of confusion and frustration. As I have said to numerous people…I don’t do hardware. I just want a computer that shows up at my house and it just works fabulously. I hate change. And now, I am considering the greatest change of all…the switch to a mac book pro. eeek!

That’s a whole lot of change for me. Change of platforms (Mac vs. PC) I will have to relearn my fingering for short cuts (half of which I do subconsciously) And what will I do with out my right click? Then there is the whole change from desktop to laptop. Actually I have both, but I only use my laptop as a backup system and for traveling. Can I get rid of my GIGANTIC monitor and tower and replace it all with a 5.6 lb laptop? (Well I think I may need to get an additional flat screen monitor (20″ will do) a keyboard… but then there are all the other peripherals. (Will my tablet still work?)

I have been a PC person for the past 8 or 9 years. Why? Simple economics…its cheaper (well I should really say was). Software ran better on a PC and was lways released first for the PC. Everyone else (in the business/programming world) uses a PC so transferring files was a sure thing. Most of the applications I needed to use are not available or had only crappy versions on the Mac.

But all that seems to be changing now…I see more and more programmers using Macs. I don’t think that Flash runs crappily on a Mac anymore… or does it? Something about working on a system that only 10% of the population shares has always been a little off putting to me. How can you code/design and judge the results when the other 90% of the people may be seeing something completely different. (Ahhh but that’s where the dual booting sytem comes in and may save the day) Also Mac users are just sooo smug! I will get a lot of flack for this but the one quote I really associate with is “People who use Macs, do so because they can afford it” Its like driving around a Porsche. Its a statement. Its a status symbol and its definitely a choice.

I am nearly convinced…I really hate the other laptops that I have seen. I actually really hate the way my current laptop looks. Its as ugly as sin and so heavy that I dread the days I have to carry it around. For me though, function must always precede design. And I always want to get the best bang for my buck.

So I think I will just need to spend an entire day working on a Mac. There’s one at work that i can swipe for a day. I need to sit down and just take it for a little test run!


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