The Holidays are Here (again)

My lament in the past few weeks have been…”The year is over” And people always look at me strangely and wonder (aloud or in their minds) why I would be so dramatic when there are still two whole months to go. Workwise, you need to get the bulk of your work done before Thanksgiving, because once Thanksgiving hits you find yourself out of time and out of money.

It sucks to be working over the holidays. It sucks to have to sit at a computer after a night of over-indulgence, when your brains are fried and your stomach is reeling from the effects of way too much food. But somehow, the end of the year has always been crunch time for me. Full of impossible deadlines and stressed out clients. Emails asking me how I enjoyed my holidays while asking for yet more changes to be made for tomorrow morning. How can I enjoy my holidays when I am being asked to work?

In the end it all boils down to discipline and setting priorities. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sometimes when discipline fails, you just have to resort to lies. “I will be visiting my folks in this remote village and I really will have no internet connection” (This is easier if you look slightly exotic or have an accent) My goal is to do NO WORK during Christmas and New Year, have some time to organize, clean, clear my head and yes, do some serious partying. So that means I have about 3 weeks. I’ve already started by not taking on anymore work till January. So I think I am headed in the right direction. Nothing like starting off the year with a clean slate.

I have a 1 1/2 month hiatus planned for the middle of next year. Now, that is something to look forward to. Till then I guess I will keep on working and saving up my pennies!


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