Look ma, I’m in a game!

I’m on a ‘games about social issues’ list. Somewhere deep in my brain I do believe in games as a medium for communication (and thus education) Today something came by my mailbox that filled my morning with part giggles and part indignation.

Artwork by Silhouette Studios

Silhouette Studios has been contracted by BreakThrough TV to develop an immigration game. Hell, I’ve been living the immigration game for 10 years! If only I had a game to teach me about it…..NOT! But seriously it could be one way to explain to Americans how hard it really is to stay in the country legally (especially if you are from a ‘developing’ country)

So I clicked to it out of curiousity…I was faced with some artwork. Hmm let’s see…hey look! the visa holder look JUST like me (if I were to be a man) And the greencard holder looks suspiciously European and well dressed. I love the fact that the undocumented male has a skateboard. I am sure that will come in handy when escaping from the INS and that guy doesn’t even look like the type that would know what to do with a skatebaord. Don’t even get me startedon the asylum seeker.

If this is truely an educational game about immigration, I hope it goes further to break the stereotypes of immigrants. The artwork seems typical to me and really all these different types of people can be in any one of these immigration situations. I hope that this game gets THAT point across.

Well its a BreakThrough product and they are good folks with good intentions. They’ve done some work with the non-profit I consult for so I have my fingers crossed that the game will come out as a worthwhile effort.


3 responses to “Look ma, I’m in a game!

  1. Thank you for your honest feedback.

    I just wanted to leave a short comment to say that the game is being developed with good intentions, and will hopefully serve its purpose in helping to bring awareness to the issue.

  2. great comment! yah let’s make the european an undocumented, he can still have the skateboard. don’t think all your delivery guys are illegal.

  3. Heh, I think that a visa holder does look like you. It’s a very interesting game that reflects our current issues in the US. I still remember when my American born friend yelled at me that I can’t say that immigrants have lower salary in general – especially the ones seeking to have a work Visa…(Of course, some cases aren’t)

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