First post of the year…2007 the year to come

Its been a long time since my last post. I have written ‘blog posts’ in my mind but never got around to it. So here is my 2007 post.

In 2007 I will:

  • Move to the westcoast
  • Work on starting a family
  • Continue working on my health
  • Either build up my company seriously…or do the fulltime thing for a year
  • Go on a 6 week work break
  • Build up my savings and investments
  • Hire a financial consultant (enough of reading the books, I want someone just to tell me what to do!)

I am not sure if that constitutes a resolutions list. Here’s a list of predictions that may not neccesarily have to do with me personally.

  • My friend lreflection is leaving NY and going on a 6 month soul searching trip. I envy her!!
  • My friend Oum will probably have a baby. She’s really worked hard on her health this past year and she looks great (thanks to the South beach Diet and Bikram Yoga)
  • The iPhone won’t be every person’s wet dream phone
  • Web 2.0 bubble is finally going to collapse (isn’t it due?)

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