Yoga teachers

Yesterday was my first time doing bikram two days in a row. Since the beginning of this year I have been on a good track and doing yoga quite frequently. (Not that its getting any easier) I generally go to the LES or Williamsburg studios. After a while, you tend to make up a list of teachers that you like and ones that you prefer to avoid.

In general, I like teachers who remember my name and give good pose corrections. Generally in additional to the usual things that all teachers say…they have special details or a new way of trying things that can make you realize something new. They tend to push you the hardest but also know when to let up and let you rest without feeling guilty. At LES, I like Nick. He is very attentive and gives great feedback. Trish is know for having the hottest room in all of NY. She remembers EVRYONE’s names, gives a lot of great encouragement and overall good vibes. Shannon is also great (her room is not so hot…but she has a very calming effect) She won this year’s tri-state yoga competition. She was awesome…very inspiring.

Christian teaches at Williamsburg and so far he is one of my favorites there except that recently he has been known to break out into song during the savasana. Thats a little distracting to me…but hey its w.burg, what can you do? Its a shame that the good teachers are at LES isn’t as convenient as the willaimsburg studio, the quality of the studio and the teachers there are really awesome.


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