Read the book, or watch the movie…Children of Men

children.jpgThe Children of Men. Yeah so I saw the preview to the movie many months back and contrary to most people’s reactions, I thought “wow that looks really interesting, I think I’ll buy the book” And so I did. I read the entire thing before I saw the movie. Its not the best book ever, but the question of what would happen if there were no more children in the world is an intriguing one.

The book lays down a deteriorating world of chaos, mayhem and a general sense of why bother? All governing systems, order and infrastructure have broken down. England relies on the ‘slave labor’ of immigrants, only to send them back once they have done their due. Government sanctioned suicide (Quietus) ceremonies, educational programs (to keep people occupied?) and of course a world full of zealots and fire breathers.

If you have read the book and watched the movie, no doubt you will know that they are completely different. Perhaps only the central themes are the same but the plot and characters are vastly different. I was quite looking forward to how they were going to translate all the ideas and questions from the book into a movie. Well I guess the answer is to concentrate the entire movie on the ‘action packed’ last half of the book.

The movie itself is quite enjoyable. Violent at times, it does have some very interesting details that are surprising. (Blood drops on the camera, Theo running around with no shoes)

The book never really explained why there was such choas in the world. Why wouldn’t people just hang out and enjoy whatever time they had left? Why would they run around burning and bombing things? If they were that angry or felt there was no more hope, why wouldn’t they just peacefully kill themselves? Anyways, if you want to read the book, its definitely an interesting Scifi/Fantasy book. Its written by P.D. James (who BTW I just realized was a woman!)


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