Google: Have I died and gone to heaven?

Google visitor

Upon entering the lobby, I had my choice of more ‘Naked’ fruit juices than a typical Manhattan deli. The toilets had ‘bidet’ functionality that allows you to clean your ‘privates’ with ease (the Jasmin Washlet, a remote-control, computerized toilet seat with more functions than your VCR) If that is not relaxing enough, try the massage chair to calm your nerves before th ‘big meeting’

As I walked towards the meeting room, I passed an impressive cafeteria which had an open kitchen and chefs infront of open flames apparently willing to conjure up anything your heart desires. (We weren’t allowed to eat at the cafeteria and instead had filled our stomachs at Quiznos down the block) In the halls I saw tables with snacks, salads, drinks, sandwiches just sitting there begging to be eaten. Our meeting had plates filled with mini pavlovas (a dessert I hadn’t seen since I’ve left New Zealand) and mini gourmet cupcakes of various flavors.

In the staff entrance there were motorized scooters that you can use your key card to unlock, incase your overly FULL stomach gets in the way of walking from building to building or just down the hall. (Orange safety jackets also provided)

If I ever worked at Google, I am sure that I would gain atleast 20 lbs in the first week (food and lack of exercise) Eating at home must surely be such a drag…why would you ever want to leave (I guess that’s the idea) How can you possibly compete with all that? FYI one of the folks in the meeting admitted that since the last 6 months he’s been at Google, there are more people that have joined Google since that time, than there were when he started. I guess they will need to hire a lot more chefs for their ‘themed’ cafeterias.


One response to “Google: Have I died and gone to heaven?

  1. wow, that sounds like heaven! especially after visiting the campus I would be teaching at 🙂 (well, I’m sure I will have a chance to explain soon)

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