What’s up with Thailand?

So I talked to my mom in Thailand today. She told me about the new bomb warnings for tomorrow (or is that today with the time change) in Bangkok. Since the bombings this past New Year there hasn’t really been any new infromation about who is behind all this. Theories are that its Thaksin’s cronies (but seriously, what would he hope to gain from the bombings) or the Muslim insurgency which is very troubling to me as Thailand has always been a country where people of different faiths coexist side of side peacefully. That is what made Thailand a great country despite its many shortcomings. It has always been a peaceful nation…now I am not so sure anymore. Anyways the theories seem to change weekly. Right now its the islamic insurgents being blamed.

A month ago I recieved a very disturbing email from a long chain of emails. The subject was simply “soooo bad” I read the attachment (see the Email attachment in Thai). It was basically ways in which the Thai muslim community should act so that the influence of the muslim community grows within Thailand. One instruction advised muslims to have as many children as possible to enlarge the Muslim community, urging the buddhist monks to fight amongst themselves, ‘stealing’ more buddhist children to train for bomb making (since apparently they only have a couple of hundred trained ones left) It made me very sad. Although I am not saying this is true, the fact that something like this is sent around really makes me wonder what is happening to Thailand?


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