Show me SciFi

I came across this site today ‘Show me SciFi‘ . What a find for us scifi fans. I didn’t want to read too much on the blog though since I am soo behind in my BSG. I couldn’t help glimpse…Starbuck is a cylon? WHAAT? Ok I have to download those episodes right now!!



3 responses to “Show me SciFi

  1. hey! just saw your post… yeah, ain’t thier blog the greatest? I only just found it earlier this week. I loved their article on the R2D2 mailboxes.

  2. Thanks for sharing this cool blog.

    damn…I’ve been suspecting that Starbuck is a cylon… hmmm, don’t spoil it yet.
    I still have 4 more new episodes to catch up… I’ve managed to download them all from iTunes store today. I will catch all up this week. 🙂

  3. Thnx for reading ShowMeSciFi…and btw apparently Steve Jobs is a Cylon too!

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