They wouldn’t hurt a mouse (ants) literally!

An interesting news story caught my eye today on the BBC.

Malaysian monks face ant dilemma – A group of Buddhist monks in Malaysia is appealing for help to solve a problem with ants.

Living in rat/mice infected New York, I have often come across this dilemma myself. (Well not exactly animals biting me during meditation…but sharing domicile with other animals not of my choosing) I have tried live traps, thinking that I can release the critters animals in the park but for some reason, those damn traps just aren’t as effective as the torturous glue ones! I want to buy the ultra sound generating devices…but I am sure that those things will eventually turn you psychotic (I mean if it can drive animals anyway…it probably has some unconscious effects) How many bad karma points do I get when I slap down those really noisy mosquitoes that buzz around your head at two in the morning? Do 50 mosquitoes equal a mice and will I be reborn as a mosquito each time I ruthlessly crush them with my handy red plastic fly swatter that I got a favor from a friend’s wedding? Its at times like this that being a Buddhist seems to complicate life.

I hope we get a follow up to that story because I would really like to see an example of people who can practice what they preach. I would like to think that those monks in Malaysia will find a way šŸ™‚


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