JRM is HRM : The Tudors

While I was taking a break from gambling during the last ‘ladies night’ my friends and I decided to go outlet shopping as an alternate way to ‘lose’ our hard earned money. I picked up this book “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory for a dollar. It sat on my shelf until I had absolutely nothing to read. I am now a little over half way into it when previews for Showtime’s The Tudors started to catch my eye.

As one clip puts it “JRM (Jonathan Rhys-Myers) is HRM” (Like really…who made up that line) I sincerely hope that the series does not go the way of Marie Antoinette which promised an updated point of view on MA’s life but never really delivered. The Tudors focuses on a young Henry VIII life. There’s definitely a lot of material to work with.

In Asia, period soaps are common and extremely popular. We have all seen the different long haired warring dynasties of China fly around among tree tops long before Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The characters are larger than life. The costumes fantastic. I mean there is really only so much ‘reality tv’ you can take until ultimately you just want to lose yourself in another time and place.

So even though JRM has skinny legs and wears funny little poufy shorts, he is still (dare i say it) ‘foxy’ and there seems to be no shortage of intrigue, back stabbing, violence and sex. What else could you possibly want in a TV series? I can’t wait to see the first few episodes. (You can try to watch them on Sho.com but the video player is horrendous) And if the series is not all it promises to be we can all wait for the movie based on The Other Boleyn Girl to come out starring Natalie Portman


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