YouTube banned in Thailand

youtubelogo.jpgSo Thailand has been hitting the headlines a lot recently. What ever happened to those quiet days when you never heard about Thailand and was quite happy to be from the country with good food, good weather and good boxing? (oh alright…good prostitutes)

So YouTube has been banned in Thailand? Why? A video of the showing the defacing of a King’s picture and later that same person stomping on it has been posted. After reading the post on DailyTech (which was not so surprising) I read the comments by the readers. At this point my thoughts are racing. Yes, I am upset here’s why.

I realize that there is not as much freedom of speech in Thailand as I had always believed. Have I always known about the laws regarding not speaking out against the King? Yes, I grew up with it. And at the risk sound sounding crazy, its a law that you followed because you absolutely believed it was right. The King has done so much in Thailand, he is beyond reproach in my mind. Its something that is ingrained into the Thai people’s consciousness. The same way you would NEVER touch an elder’s head, stomp on a picture of your mom (since you would be putting your feet on her image) you treat the image of the King with the same respect. Taken out of context, it seems that the people of Thailand either have a fanaticism about the King or the King enforces it upon the people.

I think where we are at fault, is that its a law that you HAVE to respect the King. You should do it because you choose to. Why should ignorant drunk foreigners be jailed for defacing the King’s image? You can’t force respect…and it makes us look like a country of dictators (which we are….but the King isn’t)

Finally let me make one last point. The royal family (Not this particular reign, but the dynasty) brought the end of slavery and democracy to Thailand. Its not the King that is the dictator. Its not the King that wants that video off YouTube. Its a bunch of ignorant politicians. (Do you think my website will get blocked?)


4 responses to “YouTube banned in Thailand

  1. if yours does get blocked, mine will to, and we can form a club. 🙂

    good writing.

  2. Point well made. Go girls!

  3. To all the thais: I never even know your kings face or his name until you whined about a few feet, so I gave you some more feet to whine about.

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