Poop Culture

invite_meth_art_for_web.jpgTuesday was the release party of the book “Poop Culture: How America is Shaped By Its Grossest National Product” by Dave Praeger at the Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg. The night was filled with all things poop including a poop inspired installation by Joe Fattorini who has always amazed me with the sheer amounts and wierdness of the ‘stuff’ he collects(scavenges) in his various homes and work spaces. I am glad that his unbridled creativity finally found an appreciative outlet and audience that is a perfect match.

One thing I have to say about a night of poop stories. When the comedians are funny, you can’t stop laughing….and when they are not, you just keep wishing it would end and the night seems indeed extremely long (no matter the amount of beers you have in you)

Everyone has a shit story…but not everyone can make you laugh and think in your mind…thank god I am not that person! And let me say…not everyone has the fascination with the perfectness of goat shit such that it became their life’s ambition to ‘shit like a goat.’ Now THAT was a story. (Bobby Tisdale) The banter between Gabe and Jenny was also highly amusing. Kinda like watching your crazy couple friend (who are not a couple) work their way through each other’s most embarrassing escapades.

Ultimately, the book would make great bathroom reading (if not bathroom inspiration) At some meta level, we are all fascinated by anything that comes out of us. I mean, we ALL actively (if not publicly) smell our own farts and peer into the bowl (an indication of our health) and I am sure we all have set our own records in our minds of length, girth and various other statistics. So we may not be like the Chinese emporor who had a guy examine his poop everyday… but it is indeed one product that we can all share.

Great gift idea (but I may want to hold off for Mother’s day)


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