Starting Life in LA

moving.jpgIts been a long time since my last post. So much has happened its been quite a whirl wind. To sum it up here is my life’s events as a list.

1) Trip to LA: Bought a car. Launched a bakery brochure site.

2) Trip to LA: Found an apartment. Oh yeah…launched a multi lingual site.

3) Redeye back to NY: slept for approx. 4 hours then woke to up go eat “All you can eat crab”

4) Packed and shipped stuff to LA (all within 4 days..well the packing part atleast) Did I mention that this entire time I am still working?

5) First farewell party. Officially started smoking again.

6) Had a house sale while trying to get rid of all the stuff we are NOT taking to LA. Combination of giving/selling and begging people to take stuff netted me quite a bit of chump change. (Oh and did I mention I was trying to relaunch that same site throughout?) At one point, I had a colleague working in my living room. two French girls trying to disassemble a wall cabinet and a spanish speaking family of 5 kids, parents and grandma rummaging through my sale items.

7) Cleared out my apartment…cleaned it and slept on the floor in an empty apartment for 2 nights

8) Spent a week at a friend’s who was mercifully on vacation. A bed! How luxurious …

9) Finally some time to hang with friends … pretty much went out every night.

10) Flew to LA. Am now trying to unpack and settle in…..

And so my life in LA begins!!


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