A night of Harry Potter

Harry Potter releaseAt last the long awaited date of the final Harry Potter installment is here! How will it end? Will harry die? Is Snape a traitor? Did Dumbledore really die? WHO WILL DIE? (Someone always dies) What better way to celebrate the arrival of all the answers that have been tormenting us (ok…well me) than with a late night installment of the latest movie followed by a leisurely stroll to watch the midnight festivities at the latest Barnes and Nobles.

The movie? Well I had some time to mull this over. Why do we even bother with the movies? There’s no suspense…we know what is going to happen. Even worse, some of us could probably mouth the dialogue (if not get completely annoyed at why the movie departs from the books) I think we see the movies for the little details and the visuals that surprise us. We all have out own visions of the Harry Potter world. Over the past few movies, the images of the cast members have quietly insinuated themselves into out imaginations as we frantically speed read each book. But its seeing the richness of the environment and the tiny minute details that slipped by us during the read that makes us see the movies.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix directed by David Yates was incredibly dark. The screenplay and the editing was clever and avodided that sense of dragging on that for me is inevitable in all HP movies. This movie was ‘faster’ paced. I believe they are finally getting the idea that they do not need to portray every single aspect of the book. This is clear when you consider that altho the Order of the Phoenix is the longest book, the movie is the shortest.

GOOD: fast paced, amazing wizardry duel scene (this made the movie worth it) Umbridge’s character (everything I imagined her to be and more) Emma Thompson..love her as Proff, Trelawney (great short scene) You can really feel the angst, anger and confusion of Harry (which I feel is crucial to the story)

SURPRISES: Neville is sooo tall!! Harry’s neck is sooo long! (not in a good way) I expected to hate the character of Luna…but she was actually quite good.

BAD: Hate his hair (Harry’s) Harry and Cho’s kiss (that whole relationship was a little downplayed that the kiss seemed a little out of place…but what teenage girl would forgive the director for skipping on the most anxiously awaited scene of the entire movie)

After the movie I went amongst my tribe of HP lovers! (many of them in full costume) I walked home after a pair of guys, one of which had a reading light attached to his head, reading out loud the story to his friend (whose job was to keep his eye on the road) The magic begins and ends again…

Me? I am on page 57. I think I figured out what happened to Dumbledore and the whole Snape thing… I want to take this slow and savor the last book!


One response to “A night of Harry Potter

  1. Hey, I’m in page 350 now… I have a feeling that I would finish this book this week.

    Anyway, I really loved how characters(professors) are developed and visuals. The ministry of magic scene with thousands of prophesy glass balls & wizardry duel scene were awesome.

    Harry and Cho’s kiss was the worst part of this movie – I agree with you on that.

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