One good thing about LA: pinkberry

At last a frozen yogurt that doesn’t try to taste like something else!! My friend Alex turned me on to this simple delicious treat! Yogurty goodness that is tart, cool and refreshing…pinkberry.


Ok the long lines are somewhat annoying, but as many can attest, its definitely worth the wait.

yakult.jpgI have always been a fan of the yogurt taste. Pinkberry reminds me of the Asian bacteria drink I grew up with in Thailand, Yakult. (but better because it’s frozen) The Yakult ladies would ride their bicycles and deliver the drink to your door. I guess bacteria drink never caught on here in this side of the world.

So there’s been some speculation about the fact that pinkberry is yogurt + a mystery white powder… or perhaps there is NO yogurt in there at all. Do I really care what its made of? How bad can it really be? (can’t be worse for you than regular creamy ice-cream) The store design is a little pretentious but you are only in the store while you wait in line anyways. Apparently Red Mango is the “original” healthy frozen yogurt. I’ve never had one so its hard to compare. I guess its a case of first to market wins the war…If you wanna read about the yogurt wars, go right ahead. I for one, will continue to visit my little pinkberry store within walking distance 🙂


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