DrupalCamp LA

drupalcampla_small.jpgI signed up for drupalCamp LA despite that little nagging voice in my head that tormented me with questions regarding my level of geekiness. At least in Flash conferences there were also designers and non-developers who did not speak in conditionals and booleans. Am i ‘man’ enough for drupalCamp? Upon entering, I discovered that ‘man enough’ is actually quite literal. As one presenter nudged me later in the day, and stage whispered, us-girls have got to stick together!

20070908-21- DrupalCamp LA Part3
Originally uploaded by roland.

DrupalCamp LA was held in AOL’s Beverly Hills digs. Beautiful common areas with funny sci-fi looking white and orange seats that surely must be used to brainwash all visitors. The cubes and chairs in the cubes were top class. I mean, if you have to work in a cube, it might as well look nice…right?

In the spirit of open source and un-conferences…there was a lot of chipping in and camaraderie. So if it means that there is a lot of standing around, general confusion and spontaneous changing of tracks, rooms and presenters, it was all done in good spirit and cheer.

Even though some sessions were clearly over my head (the one where within the the first 5 minutes, the requirements entailed having a virtual machine running apache and mySql). I did walk away with some valuable nuggets of information and met a lot of interesting career drupal developers as well as hobbyists in the process. As a whole it was very tech heavy and developer skewed. One question that kept coming up was “How can we get designers more involved in the community?” Hell, you can’t even get designers to come to the conferences! Maybe a solution would be to get presenters who are not developers. Perhaps a designer can showcase some well designed drupal sites and talk about the design process in working with drupal development. Or maybe a project manager or tpm can talk about how to run a drupal development team and the processes involved (a panel even) What would have been really great is to have someone take a step back and explain what drupal is, how its used and what the benefits are and show some great examples. That would have made a great beginner’s track. But then again, maybe I am just not geeky enough for a drupal conference 🙂

drupalcampla 011

Originally uploaded by dewelch. Somehow, I never got this screen!!


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