You know you’ve neglected your blog when….

1) You read about news that you told other people on THEIR blog! (WITNESS has received the first humanitarian award…I guess you could say I won it too right? Wait a second, it isn’t even on the WITNESS site, so I guess I am not too behind) And its a funny thing but this project keeps winning awards even when it hasn’t even launched. I hope we don’t end up like Friendster that never actually got out of beta.

2)  You look at the blog traffic and wonder why in hell the traffic spiked (best day ever) when you haven’t posted anything new in almost two weeks. And what’s worse, my bikram yoga posts do extremely well, and I haven’t done bikram ever since i got to LA. (I feel like a an imposter)

3) You thought you blogged about it, but then you remembered that you only got as far as thinking of blogging it….

4) Now that the blog is getting some traffic and its not just yourself, your mom and the co-worker you forced (or bribed) to read your posts, you are undergoing a paralyzing identity crises. Do you really want the world to know ALL your rambling thoughts and extremely trivial ideas? So you just ignore the entire thing all together.
So in the interest of pulling off the bandaid and putting an end to the languishing blog, here is a quick update of my life.

I have been busy preparing for my annual 4 week vacation (ahhh excuses excuses) I am finding it very difficult to plan a 10 day trip to Vietnam during what they tell me is the peak season! When i am not planning my trip, I am fighting off client calls left and right 🙂 (they know I am going away and they are making me suffer for it)

Went to Catalina island to recover from a slight burn-out. Sort of a prelude to the vacation. (I guess I should blog about Catalina)  I’ve read some really good books lately (I guess I should blog about that too) I’ve been training and have been going to the gym consistently although my weight has reamined the same and my arms seem to actually be getting bigger (oops) Oh yeah….I celebrated my 1 year anniversary. My how time flies.


One response to “You know you’ve neglected your blog when….

  1. Hey,
    I haven’t blogged a bit since I’ve arrived in Seoul… lack of sleep, lack of time… anyway, I see your life sounds really good. Happy anniversary!

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