Situation in Burma after Nargis

When I got news of the Nargis cyclone in Burma, my thoughts immediately turned to my brother who has been shuttling between Thailand and Burma for his work during the past few years. I grew more worried as the BBC reported up to 22,000 deaths (unconfirmed) while yesterday the bangkok post reported only 300. (Today they apparently updated the number to 22,000)

Here’s an excerpt from my brother’s email:

We received very little news in BKK of the Typhoon damage. I was informed of the real situation on Sunday. I managed to get myself back to YGN on Monday evening – Yangon is no longer the same Yangon. Big trees, power lines are down across the street. The green YGN is now only left with few trees standing with stripped branches. Most of the houses are damaged with missing roof – corrugated iron sheets and nails are in great demand. Fuel and water are also in high demand and with limited supply – at the office we have to run the generator for power (until we finish our diesel supply). I had arranged for smaller generators already which are much more economical than the main one. For communication, Myanmar government is also asking for our help for emergency battery power supply to run their side so Yangon can communicate outside!!!

At my office we are sending non essentials back ASAP, over ten staffs will fly back tonight – as for me, they had asked me to stay and help for a few more days……..looks like it will take a long time to get the situation back to normal on YGN.
Luckily I still have SPAM from our last visit to New York.

How you can help :


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