Resuscitating my iPod

I never knew the iPod also has a sad face until a week ago. After a frustrating day of skipped songs, no response to any buttons I pushed, when I tried to restart my ipod….all I got was the sad Mac face. i hadn’t seen one of those in ages. It’s the mac equivalent of the bluescreen of death on a PC. Worse than that I also made this sadder clicking sound which is referred to in the blogs as ‘the click of death’

I ignored it for a week…thinking that if i don’t acknowledge it, perhaps it just might fix itself. After a week of listening to the radio, I decided it was high time to tackle the problem head on.

I could go to the url that my iPod displayed….but I doubted I would find anything useful. I searched the blogs šŸ™‚

I found a great link that basically told me to take the iPod apart and ‘shake’ the hard drive, the reason being that i would have to buy a new one anyway, why not just give it one last do or die attempt. Josh Highland’s blog has a really detailed page that talks you through taking apart an ipod.

I had my screwdriver in hand…but I just couldn’t open it! I went back online….and came across another solution. Purposely dropping your ipod on the floor (it’s screwed anyways…right?) or alternately hitting it really hard on a table.

Oh the low-tech- ness of it all. Like kicking your computer when it fails to boot up. Am I supposed to believe that hitting my beautiful slim elegant piece of high technology against my desk will bring it back to life? Well what did I have to lose. I hit it against a notepad hard (so it wouldn’t dent my desk) a few times for good measure. I powered it on….and voila. its so stupid…but it actually worked.

I guess i don’t need a new iPod just yet.


2 responses to “Resuscitating my iPod

  1. Haha. Apple would’ve probably charged you $39.95 to perform a slamming such as that.

  2. wow, that’s pretty cool. Perhaps I should have done that to my dying ipod which fell in a coma forever…
    I want to be there when you open up your ipod or actually, I should look for my old one & try to disect it. How fun!

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