So why start a blog? As someone who is a reluctant blogger (I am supposed to be contributing to 3 different blogs professionally) I have always struggled with this question. Most of the communications in my professional life takes place digitally. Everyday I am forced to update multiple basecamp sites, read other people’s blogs and yes every once in awhile even write my own blog posts. So really why should my personal life be any different? Its time I put myself out there and see what happens. I do believe that perhaps I will find others of like-mind or perhaps some of my rmablings may even prove amusing to others if not somewhat useful.

I am a ‘transplant’ I have always been. I am what people would call a ‘diplo-brat,’ living among multiple cultures but perhaps never fully integrated into any particular one. The life of a ‘first generation’ immigrant has always fascinated me.

I have now lived in New York for 10 years. The ultimate place of ‘transplants’. I work in the digital realm (still yet another perfect career for the hoards of people looking for the new)

Let’s see where this all leads …

Find me on Face Book (if you know my name!)


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