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Counter Intelligence – the map

Just a quick note. I finally got sick of flipping through the book (Counter Intelligence) looking for a listing that is in the area I am visiting. You would think in the index, there would be a listing by area…nope. A ton of places waiting for foodies to explore listed alphabetically and by cuisine. (sigh) I mean, if you were already familiar with the places (and thus can remember their names and locations) you wouldn’t really need the book…right?

Basta! I stopped griping about it and decided to make a google map. It’s still a work in progress…and I am only up to the C’s. But in case you want to help out or enjoy the A-B listings, please feel free. The markers are color coded by large groupings of cuisine.

My Counter Intelligence map.


Providence LA – One of the top 50 restaurants?

This I weekend, I took my husband on a ‘fancy night out.’ Fancier than the usual fancy as we were celebrating a double whammy, my belated ‘I just got a full time job’ celebration and his birthday. We had been to Craft and really liked it but I felt we had to go one level above. So after much scouring of Chowhound, I decided on Providence headed by Chef Joachim Splichal.

The verdict? I felt like a judge on Iron Chef. We opted for the full tasting menu (8 courses) with wine pairing. When the amuse bouche came, three drink theme tidbits beautifully presented, I knew we were in for a wild ride. Everything was beautifully presented, crazy creativity and most importantly it tasted great! We often were left staring bewildered at the plated wondering how the heck did they do that? (the mojito ravioli was an example…a translucent bubble that burst in your mouth)

Staff was very nice, not snobby. Make sure you dress up a little.

My only advice…unless you really eat a lot, the half tasting menu would have been enough. I can’t imagine how anyone does the 12 course chef’s extravaganza. Was it worth the $$? yes, but you have to be the type who really appreciates the artistry in cuisine.

One good thing about LA: pinkberry

At last a frozen yogurt that doesn’t try to taste like something else!! My friend Alex turned me on to this simple delicious treat! Yogurty goodness that is tart, cool and refreshing…pinkberry.


Ok the long lines are somewhat annoying, but as many can attest, its definitely worth the wait.

yakult.jpgI have always been a fan of the yogurt taste. Pinkberry reminds me of the Asian bacteria drink I grew up with in Thailand, Yakult. (but better because it’s frozen) The Yakult ladies would ride their bicycles and deliver the drink to your door. I guess bacteria drink never caught on here in this side of the world.

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