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I recently joined the group “You know you went to an International school when…” on Facebook. This list beings with “ You can’t answer the question: ‘Where are you from?'” I know I have face down many preplexed stares at my difficulty in answering such a simple question. “Do you mean where I was from originally? or where I moved from? Where I currently live?” It’s not such a simple question after all. On the list there was also “7) Your life story uses the phrase “Then we went to…” five times (or six, or seven times…).
8) You speak with authority on the quality of airline travel.” I have finally re-found my tribe. The tribe that really has a hard time committing to the word ‘home.’ I usually find that people become even more confused when I tell them that it doesn’t really matter where I live. And yes, I do have one of the thickest multi-book passports around. And yes, my close friends are scattered all over the globe but that seems normal to me.

I’ve picked up some very handy survival tactics and thoughts over the years. I hope this might make relocation for others easier. (And please feel free to contribute if you think of anything else)

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Back from Thailand and Vietnam

If you have been wondering if I have abandoned my blog, then wonder no more. I just got back from a 3 1/2 week vacation-honeymoon.  My trip included New York (for the WITNESS Gala and Hub launch) Bangkok (visit friends, family and catch up on what’s been happening in Thailand) and finally Vietnam for a 9 day honeymoon.

Why Vietnam? I remember when I went to Cambodia nearly 12 years ago. I was struck by the feeling that I had traveled back in time  to a place that somehow isolated from all the progress and development that was going on all around SE Asia. It was close to Thailand and yet not Thailand. It was a quieter, calmer place where people hung out, nature seemed untamed, the artists seemed more spiritual and somehow closer to god. It had something that Thailand had lost along the way. Vietnam had always struck me as a beautiful place full of contradictions. I wanted to see it before it was spoiled. Hopefully I wasn’t too late.

Over the next few days I will try to  document the various aspects of the trip. (There’s simply too much to try to get down in one go)

Planning the trip I armed myself with a copy of Frommer’s, emailed a bunch of people who had been there and scoured the web looking at blogs, websites and of course the de facto Trip Advisor.

Here’s a list of resources I found useful:

http://www.asiarooms.com (Forget orbitz, expedia, etc. if you are looking for something other than the big chains use this site)

Trip Advisor: Their travel forums were extremely useful. The information is much more up to date than any print travel guide. Its always a good idea to check here before making any bookings.

Real Travel: Another great place to read  travel blogs (click on Vietnam then trips)

Some blogs about traveling in Vietnam:  Inaction Hero, No Star Where, Wondering Word